Why Groom Your Pet?

Grooming is not just for the "fancy" pets that usually sport a breed specific groom - it's an important component in the overall health of your pet. Whether your four legged friend is long or short haired, canine or feline, young or old, regular grooming has many benefits for you and your pet. 

When groomers are looking over animals they're doing much more than giving pedicures and haircuts. They're helping to prevent matted hair (which can lead to hot spots and infectious areas), as well as keeping an eye out for flea "dirt" and ticks, both of which can carry diseases for both pets and their owners. 

Facial Grooming

Facial grooming helps prevent damage to the eyes from hair that can scratch and cause scarring. Some of the breeds with protruding eyes are very prone to scarring and even blindness from the friction of the hair. Breeds that sport long beards and mustaches can also develop skin problems around the mouth caused by the constant moisture of eating and drinking. Trimming and/or thinning those areas can help prevent the irritation.

Ears hairs are plucked in those breeds that require this procedure. Hair in the ears can lead to chronic ear infections which are often found when the dog begins head shaking, digging at the ears and/or face. A foul odor usually coming from the ears is a symptom, as well a red inflamed ear canals. Long floppy eared dogs have a similar problem - regular ear cleaning is beneficial in these breeds as well.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are needed regularly unless your pet is on a hard surface that naturally wears down the nail. Long nails snag and can bleed profusely. Nails that grow too long can curl and actually grow into the pad of the foot, causing pain and infection. Nails left long can also scratch other pets and people. 


Bathing your pet keeps the skin healthy and clean and the hair shiny. We use medicated shampoos directed toward your pet's needs. When bathing at home, always use products for pets as people shampoos has a different pH set for human hair. Use warm water and rinse well.  

Anal glands are expressed by the groomer when a pet is bathed - some pets require this done regularly to prevent the scooting and discomfort of impacted glands. Regularly cleaning the glands help prevent possible infection and abscesses. (Anal glands are the remnants of scent glands similar to those found in skunks) and are sometimes involuntarily expressed when the pet is frightened or injured. The secretions have a very foul odor - a procedure better done prior to bathing!